Portable power that runs every day with no fuel or noise!
Forget that Loud Generator!
It's time to look at alternatives to the gas powered generator for your power needs. Is a deer camp better when it is quiet or when you send out noise and fumes? You have the power to make your camp stealth! Make it Sportsmansolar!
Utility trailer mounted solar powered generator can run power tools, deer camp, ranch repairs. You can even weld with this unit. With a grid tied inverter (optional), you can plug it in to the home and put power into the grid when not out running your hunting camp!
sportsmansolar001004.gif sportsmansolar001003.gif sportsmansolar001002.jpg
1.4 kW system powers all the creature comforts! Computer, TV, microwave, lights, fridge, and air conditioner.
Silent Power to the Sportsman
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